2020 "do not forget the original intention, work hard to move forward" spring reunion banquet held successfully!




Time flies

Turn first

A year's time has slipped quietly through your fingers

The 2020 full of expectation is coming to us

It breeds hope and challenges

Give hiroda buli the courage and confidence to continue to charge all the way



Yu tian the force on the planet

2020 annual conference on Spring Festival

  The New Year opens new hope, new blank carries new dream. Flick the years of dust, let laughter and tears, hardships and hardships in the heart condensed into a thick crystal amber. In 2020, we will continue to grow together with the company and work together through thick and thin.

  Reward 2019 with a celebration

  At the same time, play a New Year's movement of hope

  Go hand in hand for a better future

  Hiroda bully on the road to development

  Inseparable from the unity and cooperation of all staff

  This is the beginning of the year

  Hiroda buli for the past year for the staff

  Thanks for your untiring efforts, January 14

  Held the 2020 New Year's eve annual meeting


 This annual meeting all hiroda bari staff gathered together, hand in hand, together to meet 2020, together through the unforgettable New Year annual meeting!



[salesperson training]

  2020 is bound to be a year of opportunities and challenges. Only by constantly strengthening the professional skills and quality of the team, can the company have unlimited possibilities for continuous development and make the greatest efforts and contributions to achieve the goal of listing the company! We are committed to building a strong sales team and have given the salespersons vocational skills training. We believe that with the concerted efforts of all the staff, yutian bari will create better performance!




At the beginning of the annual meeting, chairman qiu weiping and deputy general manager xiao shuiyuan made speeches to send sincere wishes for the New Year and summarized the company's achievements in the past year. Chairman qiu weiping also made a new plan and deployment for the work and development in 2020.

  Chairman qiu weiping's New Year's message


Recognition of honor, witness the example moment

  Annual awards ceremony, the company issued multiple awards, qiu dong, Xiao Fuzong awarded excellent staff and excellent team with the trophy and award certificate, this is for all yu tian bully Rio employees in 2019 hard work affirmation and recognition of outstanding contributions, at this moment, the presence of all the staff saw their moment of glory, let us thank these together with the company's margin force in the field.





[annual meeting, wonderful program]

  The talented people of hiroda bari have prepared many programs for the annual meeting, such as dances with youthful vigor, melodious singing and magnificent chorus. The participation of these programs ignited the atmosphere of the annual meeting, and also received countless cheers and applause. Let's take a look back at some of the best moments of the conference.















At 14:30, the banquet ended. So far, the New Year's eve annual meeting of yutian bari 2020 came to a successful conclusion. A New Year, vientiane renewal! We firmly believe that under the leadership of chairman qiu weiping and the joint efforts of all hiroda bari employees, any difficulties and challenges will become a bright scenery on our way forward. Toast, hiroda bari! The glory of future development will eventually belong to us, hiroda baali and you meet, we will see you next year!