Pearlfield & Bali attends 2019 Bengal Dhaka International Shoe Exhibition




From October 31 to November 02, 2019, the Bengal Dhaka International shoes Exhibition was held in International Convention Cit, Dhaka Convention Center, Bengal.



The exhibition is held for a period of one year, mainly for the manufacturers of leather, leather shoes, clothing and leather furniture in the area of Bangladesh and the surrounding areas. The exhibition enterprises set up the latest products and services of leather, machinery, chemical industry, accessories and related products during the exhibition. It is also an important platform for enterprises to open the market.




Each year, the exhibition will attract many domestic and overseas exhibitors and professional buyers from all over the world to participate in the exhibition. As the leading enterprise of domestic adhesive for footwear, Pearlfield & Balihas participated in Bangladesh Dhaka International Footwear Exhibition every year since 2015, and has achieved a good response. 



Bangladesh has unique advantages in the shoe industry, such as cheap labor force, rich raw materials and other unique advantages. At present, the country produces 380 million pairs of shoes, directly employs 180000 people, 70% of the industrial workers are women, around the capital Dhaka gathered about 2000 all kinds of shoe enterprises, with its low employment costs and national preferential policies to attract many world-famous shoe brands to invest and produce, in recent years, the momentum of attracting international capital is not appropriate.


Bangladesh is the eighth largest shoe producer in the world, with leather shoes exports accounting for 1.54% of Bangladesh's total exports. The average annual growth rate of exports in the past five years has reached 29.8%. Bangladesh is actively undertaking the transfer of global shoe production capacity, as can be seen from the strength of the shoe industry.




The gross domestic product of the country of footwear and leather in Bangladesh will increase from 12.6-1.14 billion yuan to 55.2-63.1 billion yuan in the next few years. Experts predict that if the shoe of the leather enterprise is successful, the development speed of the industry will be faster, and the future is expected to reach 157.6 billion yuan.




Pearlfield & Bali is focused on the production and sales of the rubber and its supporting products for more than 20 years, and has a number of technical patents. It won the honor of "Guangdong manufacturing enterprise 500 strong", "Guangdong brand 100 strong", "Famous Trademark of Guangdong Province" and so on. Or the national standard is one of the development units of the adhesive for shoes and cases (GB19340-2014).


Seeing the good trend of the shoe industry in Bangladesh today, Pearlfield & Bali firmly seize the opportunity and firmly become the pioneer and practitioner of the domestic shoe adhesive brand.



This year's Dhaka International shoes Exhibition, as in the past, the exhibition site gathered a large number of exhibitors and buyers, the atmosphere is lively.


Pearlfield & Bali has attracted a large number of enterprise customers to their feet with strong brand influence and product advantages.




In particular, our company has the advantage of independent intellectual property rights of environmental protection waterborne adhesive products unveiled at the exhibition, to the merchants left a deep impression.





Yoda ba li booth in front of the crowd, many customers have a strong interest in our products, our field staff enthusiastically forward to consult customers to explain the product in detail.








The Bangladesh Dhaka International Footwear Show, in 2019, has been perfect, and this exhibition has again witnessed the development and expansion of the Bangladesh shoe market. Pearlfield & Bali will always follow the steps of the shoe-making adhesive industry. For a better customer experience, we will continue to innovate, create a good performance, bring more and better and more environment-friendly products to everyone, and let's go to the next exhibition.