[Good News] our company environmental protection waterborne adhesive "high performance waterborne polyurethane adhesive for shoes" selected in Guangdong Consumer goods supply Guide (the first batch) new products and new technologies





[Good News] our company is environmentally friendly waterborne adhesive"Waterborne polyurethane adhesive for high performance shoes"Selected for Guangdong Consumer goods supply Guide(the first batch) New products and new technologies!

In order to implement the Circular of the Guangdong Provincial people's Government on the issuance of the Guangdong Provincial Special Action Plan for improving the supply of Consumer goods (2016-2020) (Guangdong Government Office (2016) 105), and in accordance with the arrangements and requirements of the Guangdong Economic and Information Commission on supporting the Industry Association to carry out the work of "increasing varieties" of Consumer goods (Guangdong Economic and Information Commission (2017) 71), in order to promote the application of new technologies and new products, With the support of Guangdong Provincial Department of Industry and Informatization, Guangdong shoes Industry Association has carried out the recommendation and identification of new technology and new products in Guangdong shoe industry, and compiled 2018. Guide to the supply of Consumer goods in Guangdong Province.


After selection and evaluation by Guangdong shoes Industry Association, Guangdong Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology announced that our "waterborne polyurethane adhesive for high performance shoes" is a new product and new technology for Guangdong shoe industry in 2018, and is selected as the Guangdong Consumer goods supply Guide (the first batch) by the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology.


Congratulations on our new product and new technology! Selected in the "Guangdong Consumer goods supply Guide "(the first batch) new products and new technology! 


Pearlfield & Bali has introduced the most advanced automatic production equipment and technology in the world, and has taken the lead in adopting three-dimensional computer-controlled production line in China. Pearlfield & Bali force through grasping the product quality and service quality of the enterprise, creating high quality brand, grasping the quality standardized management style, building the image of high quality service enterprise, always maintaining the vitality and influence of the enterprise.


The company attaches great importance to technological transformation and product research and development. Pearlfield & Bali Bali Chemical Research Institute, its affiliated R & D organization, has a strong technical force and advanced instruments and equipment. It has undertaken the research on key areas of Guangdong Province, such as key breakthrough bidding projects and strategic emerging industrial projects, and has participated in the formulation and revision of a number of national and industry standards. It is one of the national standard "adhesive for shoes and luggage" (GB19340-2014).


"High performance waterborne polyurethane adhesive for shoes" is a bright spot of our products. Pearlfield & Bali has been awarded the invention patent right of "Waterborne adhesive for shoes and its production method" by the State intellectual property Office.(patent number: ZL200810028628.7), is the first domestic enterprises to obtain this kind of patent. Our company is committed to the research and development, production and sales of waterborne environmental protection products, to provide a complete solution for the environmental protection of shoe industry.


The aqueous PU adhesive of our company has the following characteristics:


1.The Brushing Property Is Moderate;

2.Excellent Heat Resistance;

3.Strong Adhesion;

4.Strong Resistance To Hydrolysis;

5.The Storage Period Is Long And The Stability Is Good.