Pearlfield & Bali at the 9th Annual Shoes Culture Festival of China · Huidong!






The 9th Shoes Culture Festival, Huidong, China


It's a big opening.



Guo Wuyun, secretary of Huidong County CPC Committee, announced


"Huidong 9th shoes Culture Festival opened"!


The shoes Culture Festival will be held from October 26 to 28.


For a period of three days.


The present Shoes Culture Festival is based on the "down-to-earth and innovative", set up a special house in the Guangdong Dongdong shoe material market in Huidong County, and put out 400 booths to fully display the high-quality fashion women's shoes made by Huidong and Huidong. During the period, there are activities such as the award, the exhibition, the carnival, the cultural display and so on. The event will also invite leaders, experts and scholars, media reporters and domestic and foreign clients of the state province, city and so on.



Set up the Shoes Culture Museum



This shoe culture festival highlights the local characteristics, in the way of "the government sets up the stage, the enterprise sings the opera", holds the shoe culture festival in the Huidong shoe industry birthplace, the shoe industry cluster center district, comprehensively displays the new product, the new material, the new craft, the new equipment fashion charm, will also set up the shoe culture center in the Guangdong east shoe material market, displays the Huidong shoe culture essence.

The exhibition of the ninth Annual Shoes Culture Festival of Huidong is also the appearance of a large number of domestic companies, and we have also attended the exhibition!


The content of Yu Tianba's exhibition




Corporate Champion 


As the leading enterprise of domestic shoe adhesive, our company specializes in the production and sales of shoe adhesive and its supporting products for more than 20 years, and the sales network is spread all over the country in more than 20 provinces and cities. Pearlfield & Bali so far has 16 patents, one copyright, 36 trademarks. Won the top 500 manufacturing enterprises in Guangdong, "Top 100 brands in Guangdong", "famous trademarks in Guangdong Province", "famous products in Guangdong Province" and other honors. It is one of the national standard "adhesive for shoes and luggage" (GB19340-2014).


Brand Advantage


The exhibition, with the enterprise's own product advantages and brand advantages, has also attracted the leadership of the government and the Guangdong Shoes Chamber of Commerce, as well as a large number of enterprise customers to visit. On the spot, the people who come to the visit are endless, many customers come to consult, negotiate and cooperate, the head of our company will also introduce the related products to the customers in detail.







Guo Wuxia, Secretary of Huidong County Party Committee


Guangdong Shoes Factory Chamber of Commerce/ Guangdong Province Shoes Material Industry


President of the business meeting, Liu Songlong


Visit guidance


At the exhibition, waterborne glue and other high-performance environmental protection products have become a bright spot of our company, many customers are very interested in our product technology, come to consult and negotiate, the person in charge of our company patiently answer the questions of customers, and customers are also very happy to communicate.





Show Opportunities


This exhibition enriched the different characteristics of Chinese shoe culture in China, and also gave Pearlfield & Bali Technology a good opportunity to display its own advantages to China. 




If a product or brand can be recognized by the market, it cannot be separated from the innovation of the industry, the continuous exploration of technology and the unremitting pursuit of the development of the industry. Pearlfield & Bali is willing to go hand in hand with the people of the shoe industry to create a better future!