Pearlfield & Bali: A rewarding excursion




Spring has come and gone, and summer has come to us unknowingly. While the breeze is not dry, while the scenery is still good, the company gave Yuda BALI staff a physical and mental enjoyment of travel in this wonderful June, travel locations include Shanxi, Guangxi, Zhuhai Changlong, Guangdong Qingyuan, Guizhou, Japan, by the staff free to choose the route. Here, let's revisit this rewarding journey.



Tour for 6 days ---- Japan Trip

Yuda Barley organised this trip to Japan to experience the customs of the Land of a Thousand Islands, so that the staff can enrich themselves and develop themselves in Japan.

Day 1

Depart Macau and arrive at Narita International Airport, then arrive at Sakeji Outlet to experience shopping and learn about Japanese local brands.



Day 2


Experience Made in Japan at the Akihabara electronics shop, Japanese folk beliefs at the Asakusa Ramen Kannon Temple, an Italian-style street at the drugstore, shopping fun at the Ginza department stores', and the entertainment atmosphere at Odaiba.






Day 3


Experience the tram style of "Dunking" at Enoshima, the real food and drink of Japan at Kamakura Komachi-dori, and the historical flavor of the Japanese sacred stoves at Tsurugao Hachimangu.





Day 4


Experience the grandeur of Mt Fuji, the sparkling waters of the pond at Shinano Hakkai, and the natural beauty of the lake in the mountains at Hanazono.



Day 5-6


The general duty free shop to buy the latest new products, Kiyomizu Temple to feel the elegant style of Sento, Osaka Castle Park to feel the ancient style of Kyoto town, Shinsaibashi and Dotonbori to feel the vitality of Osaka city. The next day, return to Osaka with a sense of reward.




Four days of fun ---- Guangxi trip

In this trip to Guangxi, we felt the dream journey of being in the Milky Way waterfalls and mountain water galleries, and enjoyed the most beautiful scenery of the "unique" De Tian Bama!



[The beautiful scenery of Nanning, the Green City]

Marvel at the paradisiacal beauty - De Tian Grand Waterfall

[Experience the endless magic of Tongling Grand Canyon]

A Worldly Wonderland: Hundred Demon Sky Caves

Experience the health and wellness atmosphere: Ba Pan Longevity Village

[Dreamy Beauty: Water Wave Skylight]




Tour 7 days ---- Shanxi tour

Shanxi is one of the birthplaces of the Chinese nation, known as the "cradle of Chinese civilisation" and known as the "Museum of Ancient Chinese Culture". The company's trip to Shanxi gave the staff an in-depth understanding of the ancient city of Shanxi and was very rewarding.




Blessings in the Holy Land of Buddha

Buddhist holy land of Wutai Mountain, Wisdom Manjushri praying for peace and happiness, lighting lanterns, going around pagodas, tasting vegetarian food, meditation and cultural experience.




Exploring the Hukou Falls

This year's Hukou Waterfall has been on CCTV news again.

See the majesty of the Mother River in person at the heart of the Hukou Falls.




Stay at an inn in the ancient city

The cultural carrier of the Jin merchants, the "Yangshuo" of the North - roam the ancient city of Pingyao and stay in a folklore inn with the original folklore culture.




Stay at an inn in the ancient city

The cultural carrier of the Jin merchants, the "Yangshuo" of the North - roam the ancient city of Pingyao and stay in a folklore inn with the original folklore culture.




Experience the culture of blessing at the temples

Visit the many temples in Shanxi to experience the strong Buddhist culture, always with a devout heart and goodwill.



Play 2 days ---- Zhuhai Changlong Ocean Kingdom

A trip to the Zhuhai Changlong Ocean Kingdom to get in touch with marine life and feel the magic and charm of the ocean, with every project and every show for the staff to have fun and forget.



Play 2 days ---- Qingyuan Tour

The original ecological and natural oxygen bar NiuYuzui Primitive Ecological Scenic Area + The most exciting new project NiuYuzui Forest Aerial Glass Bridge + Picking seasonal fruits grown in organic greenhouses + Hiking the thousand-year old Greenhorn Road, Qingyuan trip, energetic!


Tour 5 days ---- Guizhou tour

The most beautiful colours are the colours of nature, the best scenery is pure scenery. The capital of hospitality with wine, the intoxicatingly beautiful and colorful Guizhou meets with Yuda Bari personnel for 5 days, and enjoy touring between the mountains and the waters.

[Huangguoshu Scenic Spot]

【Steep Pond Waterfall】

Tianxingqiao Scenic Area

Xijiang Thousand Household Miao Village

Miao Mui - Miao Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum

Little Seventh Hole Scenic Area in Libo

Big Seventh Hole Scenic Area

Qing Yan Ancient Town

The only thing that makes a drunken man happy is the landscape!




I believe this trip is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for every Yuda Bally person. The tour not only allowed everyone to relax after work, but also increased their knowledge and experience, which greatly enriched their spare time. This activity organised by Yuda BALI fully reflects the company's people-oriented corporate philosophy. Through the staff travel welfare, better increase the staff's sense of belonging to the enterprise, enhance the cohesion of the enterprise, and fully demonstrate the company's team spirit. It is believed that in the future, our Yuda Baili family will be more united and make greater contributions to the development of the Yuda Baili family.